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It is been a while since Kajal Aggarwal sat down for a candid chat. In an exclusive Interview actor confesses to being so busy with her professional commitments that it leaves her no time for anything else. “Trust me, I’ve been traveling, making movies and spending the remainder of my time at home,” says the actor, who is in the city to shoot for one of her many Telugu films.

Kajal has her hands full with work commitments. And contrary to the belief that she likes to play elusive, the actor insists that staying away from the media is not a “well-thought of a plan”.

Further in an Exclusive Interview – “Where is the time to talk to anyone?” she asks. “People just assume I am trying to stay away from the limelight. But it is not true. I just wrapped up my shoot for a Hindi and Tamil film respectively. Then I am working on Sir Vachaaru with Ravi Teja, I have Baadshah with NTR Jr and Nayak with Charan.

In between all this, rumors keep doing the rounds. Now I can’t possibly bother clarifying each one of them,” she says.

Kajal Aggarwal shared a pic with Rana Daggubati

Of course, now that she has taken a time to speak, one can’t help but quiz her on the many controversies surrounding her. “I recently read an article on how I was dropped from a film because I couldn’t dance! It was so ridiculous that I decided to shut up about it. Let people say what they want to. It’s such a waste of time,” she says.

But surely Kajal did not hesitate before speaking on being dropped from a Sukumar flick starring Mahesh Babu because she could not provide bulk dates “All my movies are signed and lined up after checking the dates. My dates are allocated according to schedule. If the schedule changes, I can’t be held responsible for it. I think I am allowed to opt out just like they (the makers) have the right to bring someone else on board,” explains Kajal, who confesses that there is no bad blood between anyone involved. “We are all professionals here, she says.

Post her Bollywood debut, Singham, Kajal is looking forward to her next Hindi flick, Special Chabbis, with Akshay Kumar. Akshay Kumar is a senior in the industry and I consider myself lucky to be working with him. Each film of his opens to a packed house. Today a film will sell only if you have a story. The audience is smart and won’t be taken for a ride. And I am confident about my movies, she says with an assured air.

Speaking more about her character in the film, Kajal says, “The movie is set in the 80s. I play a school teacher. I took some pointers from my mom on how women back then behaved and dressed. The rest, of course, was handled by the director.”

In the city for a few more weeks, Kajal says that she has no plans to indulge in anything other than her work commitments. “I am down with a bad cold and cough. I am constantly sniffling. But I can’t let that hold up my work,” she says in that exclusive interview.

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